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Ghost Candle

Ghost Candle

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Get spooky this Halloween season with our Ghost Candle.

Cute and dainty, these little spookers will certainly add some character to your home.

How big is the Ghost Candle?

The Ghost Candle measures in at  6cm wide by 6.5cm tall and weighs approximately  80 grams.

How long does the Ghost Candle burn for?

The Ghost Candle burns for approximately 2.5 hours per unit.

Because this product is hand made, it's difficult to guarantee the exact same amount of burn time for each candle. This is why we give approximations instead of exacts.

What Is The Ghost Candle Made From?

The Ghost Candle is a premium product, crafted with high-quality fragrance oils, pure cotton wicks and vegetable wax. This candle is free from paraffin and any harsh chemicals, making it a safe and clean burning option.

Available Colours:
- Pumpkin Orange
- Witch Hat Black
- Full Moon White

Available Fragrances:

- Persian Lime & Lemongrass
- Green Tea & Mandarin
- Caribbean Coconut
- Burnt Fig & Cassis
- Fragrance Free

We also offer a wide range of fragrance to what is listed above, these are just our most popular!

If you'd like to learn more about our other fragrance options, feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Want To Stock The Ghost Candle In Your Store?

If you are a wholesaler looking to stock the Ghost Candle, we offer various different packages to suit your needs and would love to chat more with you via email at