About Us

The Sanlúcar Candle Store was born from our love of creating beautiful things.

Hand crafted on the Gold Coast, Australia. Each candle is proudly made from ethically sourced vegan soy wax with premium fragrance oils that are free from parabens and are non toxic. Our candles are available for purchase here on our website or via our local stockists.

Meet the maker -  Michy has been honing and perfecting her craft for over 13 years and has been running creative candle workshops on the Gold Coast for the past 2 years.

Michy is fiercely passionate and is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things candles. She prides herself on not only creating a product that is beautiful, but one that burns to perfection.

Before launching a new candle style, we undergo rigorous testing to ensure the scent throw, wick & burn of the candle are perfect to maximise your experience of our product.