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Affordable Bridal Jewellery

At Sanlucar, we’re driven by a love of finding statement pieces of costume jewellery that can help add a unique & distinct beauty to almost any look. More to the point, we’ve found that a select few of our statement pieces have enchanted the minds of a specific group of women in particular... brides.

Simply put, bridal jewellery is one of the most important accessories that make up the final look for a bride and her bridesmaids. With that said, you don’t always have to break the bank to achieve a stunning look. Which is why our bridal jewellery collection has grown so popular. Aside from earrings, let’s take a deeper look into bridal jewellery and the importance it has for the perfect wedding.

The importance of Bridal Jewellery

Naturally, when you think of the role that jewellery plays in a wedding, you first think of the wedding ring. It is the single most important symbol of the entire event that represents a commitment that’s meant to last a lifetime. It’s something you’re going to wear for years to come, so choosing the perfect ring is important to many a bride.

However, the ring isn’t the only piece of jewellery that matters. The bridal look simply isn’t complete without the right accessories to help balance, complement, and finish a brides look. 

In our opinion, the right jewellery should incorporate pieces that speak to your character and be able to say who you are without needing to say a word. Whether you like big and blingy, soft and delicate or cultural and symbolic. As long as it screams YOU, then you can’t go wrong… As long as your dress matches and helps tell the full story.

Bold Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery can also be used as a great tool to set the tone of the wedding in terms of period. Classic elements like pearls give a timeless look of prestige, while more modern designs like crystal pearls, silver wire, and more eclectic shapes can give your wedding a more contemporary feeling.

The bottom line is, your jewellery helps set your look apart, adding the extra level of personalization that a dress simply can’t achieve on its own. For that reason, brides MUST put a lot of thought into which pieces they choose.

Why Choose Sanlucar for your Bridal Jewellery?

Best Place to get cheap Bridal Jewellery

At Sanlucar, we take great pride in the quality and quirkiness of our pieces, but brides in particular love the designs of our pearl earrings. Our most popular earring sets that brides and bridesmaids seem to gravitate towards the most are The San Sebastian, The Cinque Terre, The Paris & The Blanes. Each of these pieces bring their own personality and distinct impact to a look. 

The Cinque Terre
Named for the five towns of Italian Riviera, has a dainty, yet earthy look thanks to wholly unique freshwater pearls.

Cinque Terre Bridal Earring Set
(Shop The Cinque Terre)

The Paris
Has an elegant, clean, looping look that makes a real statement.

The Paris Bridal Earring Set

(Shop The Paris)


The San Sebastian
Is versatile, with intriguing pearl arrangements that can be removed when you want a cleaner, simpler look for the evening. The San Sebastian has also been a massive hit for bridesmaids.

The San Sebastian Bridal Earring Set

(Shop The San Sebastian)


The Blanes
Our most popular wedding piece, has a gorgeous crinkle hoop with a delicate pearl drop.

 The Blanes Bridal Earring Set

(Shop The Blanes)

One of our customers, @taecat was kind enough to let us feature images from her wedding day showing off her Blanes earrings in action! Doesn't she look stunning? (Photo by Lucas & Co)

Bride wearing earrings 

Other Bridal Accessories We Offer

Our bridal hair pins also heavily complement our bridal earrings, from matching pearl sets like The Hera, to more playful and creative designs like The Athena, they offer a look that brings out your inner Greek Goddess (hence the name) while keeping your look natural.

Bridal Hair Accessories

The personality that each of our pieces bring speaks for itself, but another reason it’s easy to love our bridal jewellery is that we make it affordable which is often hard to find on the bridal market. Although our pieces are stunning and unique, we don’t believe that a bride should go into debt over looking fabulous on her special day.

Too many weddings come with the stress of a budget that’s bloating out of control, so finding a store that can lighten the load, without sacrificing the quality or impact that you want to make is something to cherish.

There are all kinds of items in our collections that could be perfect for your wedding, from pearl earrings to barrettes to hair pins. We make it easy to find those that fit the theme of your look, whether you want a seashore look for that beach wedding, pearl for the traditional and natural look, or gold to make you look extra resplendent.


We’ve been immensely proud to see our collections growing more popular amongst brides and bridesmaids looking to complete their look. 

From one happy customer proudly wearing our Blanes earrings and sharing them with the world, to the attention we’ve been getting from wedding brands and publications. Our most recent feature was with an Australian wedding magazine called Love, Cherish, Adore who provide tons of wedding inspo for brides in Australia all year round! (See our feature below)

Bridal Magazine Inspiration - Love, Cherish, Adore

If you are still looking for the perfect bridal jewellery for your wedding, make sure you take a look at our bridal jewellery collection as we’re almost certain you’ll find what you are looking for. 

We’re glad to do anything to help you complete the look you’ve always wanted for your wedding day. You can also receive 10% off your first order with us by using the code “LOVESANLUCAR” at our checkout, plus you’ll receive free express shipping for all orders over $70 dollars.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a spectacular wedding!

The Sanlucar Team.