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Shell Candle

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The shell candle was inspired by long balmy days walking the beach, hunting for treasures to keep as a reminder of the freedom and happiness the ocean brings us.

Whether you're looking for cute trinkets to decorate your favourite space at home or looking for a simple yet stunning gift for someone special, our shell candle is the perfect choice!

How big is The Shell Candle?

The shell candle is approximately 10cm wide by 7cm tall and weighs  approximately 130 grams.

How long does The Shell Candle burn for? 

The Shell Candle will burn for approximately 2.5 hours per unit. Because the science of candle making can be somewhat meticulous, we cannot guarantee the same burn time for each candle. This is why we only work with approximates.

What Is The Shell Candle made from?

The Bubble Candle Cube is hand made from 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils & a pure cotton wick. The wax and fragrances we use are paraffin and paraben free and there is no harsh chemical involved with the production of this item.

Available colours:

- Antique White

We do offer coloured candles personalised to your preferences so if you have any special requests, please contact us via our contact page and we can chat further about your desired customisations.

Available Fragrances:

- Persian Lime & Lemongrass
- Green Tea & Mandarin
- Caribbean Coconut
- Burnt Fig & Cassis
- Fragrance Free

We do offer a vast list of other fragrances fragrances however, there's simply not enough space on this page to list all of them so if there's a fragrance in particular you'd like to request, again, just contact us through our contact page and we can chat further.

Want to buy the Shell Candle in store?

If you're looking for some where to purchase our shell candle in store, we have a stockist in Coolangatta called Sea Wish. We're currently working on growing our wholesale stockists and you should be seeing this candle in a lot more retail stores around Australia soon!

If you are a wholesaler looking to stock The Shell Candle, we offer a few different packages to suit your needs. If you would like to chat more about opportunities with us, please feel free to email us at