Body Candle (Female)
Body Candle (Female)
Body Candle (Female)
Body Candle (Female)
Body Candle (Female)

Body Candle (Female)

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 Our Body Candle serves as a little treasure to celebrate & embrace every woman's curves.

This candle is perfect for setting a romantic mood with a special someone and will compliment just about any room you put her in.

Size of The Body Candle

The Body Candle is 7cm wide by 11.5cm tall and weighs approximately 128 grams.

How long will the Body Candle burn for? 

The Body Candle will burn for approximately 1 hour per unit. The science of candle making can be rather rigorous which makes it hard to guarantee the exact same burn time for each candle. This is why we only work with approximates.

What materials do we use to make the Body Candle?

The Body Candle is made with premium fragrance oils, pure cotton wicks and premium vegetable wax. The wax used to make this candle is paraffin free and there is no harsh chemicals involved with the production of this candle.

Available colours:

- Antique White
- Marbe Splatter

NOTE: All marble splatter variants of this product are done by hand during production so no two are the same.

We do also offer coloured variations of this candle. The colour list is very extensive so if you have a custom colour request, please get in touch with us via our contact page and we can chat further about the candle colour variations that we offer.

Available Fragrances:
- Persian Lime & Lemongrass
- Green Tea & Mandarin
- Caribbean Coconut
- Burnt Fig & Cassis
- Kakadu Plum
- The Tropics

Like colours, we also offer a plethora of fragrances and we'd love to hear from you if you can't find what you're looking for in the above list.

The candle fragrances listed above are however the most popular.

Want To Stock The Body Candle In Your Store?

If you are a wholesaler looking to stock our Body Candle, we offer various different packages to suit your needs and would love to chat more with you via email at